February 10, 2011 Public Minutes


February 10, 2011 PUBLIC HEARING

5:45 P.M.

The Village of Louisville’s Board of Trustees held a Public Hearing for the purpose of taking public comments regarding the Village of Louisville’s intent to sell General Obligation Bonds (Alternate Revenue Source), with President Murbarger, Trustee Poehler, Trustee Byers, Trustee Leonard, Trustee Miller, and Trustee Fender in attendance. Also in attendance were Clerk/Collector Jodi Daws, Attorney Barry Bright, Sheriff Jim Sulsberger, Superintendent Rusty Harper, and Village Engineer Mike Bridges.

President Murbarger called the meeting to order at 6:00 p.m.

Roll Call taken and the following Village authorities announced present at the beginning of the February 10, 2011 public hearing: President Dale Murbarger, Trustee Jean Ann Poehler, Trustee Gene Leonard, Trustee Nancy Byers, Trustee Troy Fender and Trustee Danny Miller, with Trustee Gina Rinehart being absent.

No one from the general public came to the public hearing. President Murbarger asked those in attendance if they had any questions, comments or concerns regarding the Village’s Intent to sell General Obligation Bonds. No one came forward at this time.

At 5:53 p.m., motion to adjourn, made by Trustee Poehler, seconded by Trustee Miller.

Roll Call

5 Ayes – 0 Nays – Motion Carried

1 Absent – Trustee Rinehart

________________________ Dale Murbarger

Village President


Jodi L. Daws

Village Clerk



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