January 14, 2009 Minutes



5:30 P.M.

The Village Board of Trustees met in regular session with President Harrison presiding over, Trustee Fender, Trustee Miller, Trustee Byers, and Trustee Leonard. Trustee Murbarger and Trustee Rinehart were absent. Also in attendance were Clerk Hamilton, Treasurer Bailey, Attorney Bright, Superintendent Harper, Dale and Della Jones, and the news media.

The board approved December’s Open Session minutes on a motion by Trustee Fender, seconded by Trustee Leonard. Roll Call

4 yeas- 0 nays– 2 absent – Motion Carried


No report was presented.


Dale Jones discussed a possible payment plan with the Village, after having a high water bill of $355.75, due to a leak. The board agreed to set up a payment plan of $100.00 every month, plus his regular monthly billing, until the January bill is paid in full.

A motion to approve bills was made by Trustee Fender, seconded by Trustee Leonard, after addressing the issue on the Veterans Memorial electric bill’s high usage for December. The board will be discussing the issue at next month’s meeting, after speaking with the Legion Riders on the matter. Roll Call

4 yeas – 0 nays- 2 absent- Motion Carried



The board asked Superintendent Harper to turn the gas off at the old Community Center.

The board will discuss any use for the building at next month’s meeting.

Discussion was made about progress at the Community Courtyard. No motions made.

The board held off discussion on the enterprise zone, to discuss further in executive session, under possible purchase of real estate.

Discussion was made to contact Quality Glass to seal up the front glass at the Genealogical Society, after damages occurred from city sidewalk project.



The board approved the board approved the meeting dates for 2009, on a motion made by Trustee Leonard, seconded by Trustee Byers. Roll Call See Attached schedule.

4 yeas- 0 nays- 2- absent-Motion Carried

A motion to go into Executive Session made at 6:00 p.m. by Trustee Byers, seconded by Trustee Fender. Roll Call

4 yeas- 0 nays – 2absent- Motion Carried

The Village Board reconvened into Open Session at 6:47p.m.


A motion was made by Trustee Fender to approve December’s Executive Session Minutes, seconded by Trustee Miller. Roll Call.

4 yeas – 0 nays- 2 absent- Motion Carried

A motion to adjourn at 6:50 p.m. was made by Trustee Leonard, seconded by Trustee Miller. Roll Call

4yeas – 0 nays- 2 absent -Motion Carried


William S. Harrison

Village President


Kelsey R. Hamilton

Village Clerk



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