June 26, 2014 Minutes


June 26, 2014 Special Meeting

7:00 PM

The Village Board of Trustees met in Special Session, those in attendance were, President Murbarger, Trustee Byers, Trustee Fender, Trustee Poehler, Trustee Rinehart, Trustee Leonard and Trustee Miller. Also in attendance were Attorney Barry Bright, Clerk/Collector Angela Stanfield, Superintendent Rusty Harper and Treasurer Stephanie Bailey. Engineer Mike Bridges, Troy Elwood and Christy Elwood.


President Murbarger called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM.

Roll Call taken and the following Village authorities announced present at the beginning of the June 26, 2014 special meeting: President Dale Murbarger, Trustee Jean Ann Poehler, Trustee Danny Miller, Trustee Troy Fender, Trustee Nancy Byers, Trustee Gene Leonard and Trustee Gina Rinehart.

Engineer Mike Bridges updated the board on the Louisville Service Station, 110 Route 45 North and the Environmental Management, Inc., regarding removal of residual petroleum contamination. Engineer Mike Bridges was advised to continue to investigate other options and make a recommendation at next months meeting.

Motion to enter into Executive Session at 7:25 PM for the purpose of Personnel, to negotiate with potential employee for Utilities Superintendent position, made by Trustee Rinehart and seconded by Trustee Byers

Roll Call

6Ayes – 0 Nays – Motion Carried

Motion made by Trustee Miller, seconded by Trustee Fender, at 7:47 PM to go back into Open Session.

Roll Call

6 Ayes – 0 Nays – Motion Carried

A motion made by Trustee Byers and seconded by Trustee Rinehart to approve for hiring Troy Elwood for employment as Village Utilities Superintendent starting July 7, 2014, according to terms and conditions discussed in executive session.

Roll Call

6 Ayes – 0 Nays – Motion Carried

A motion to adjourn the meeting made by Trustee Fender and seconded by Trustee Miller at 7:51 PM.

Roll Call

6 Ayes – 0 Nays – Motion Carried

______________________ _____________________________

Dale Murbarger Angela Stanfield

Village President Village Clerk



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