May 14, 2015 Agenda Old


6:00 PM

Monthly Meeting

The Village of Louisville



May 14, 2015 Meeting


Roll Call

Pledge of Allegiance

Approval of this evening’s Agenda

Approval of April 09, 2015 Regular Meeting Minutes



  1. Conclude Any Old Business of Old Board


2.    Consider approval of resolution which rescinds Resolution No. 780 which authorized a certain Highway Authority Agreement to be offered to Steve Stortzum doing business as Louisville Service Station

3. Consider approval of resolution which relieves the owner of any property located within a 270 ft radius of the intersection of Route 45 and Chestnut Street, which also abuts any portion of any municipally owned street, road or alleyway under which petroleum contaminants have been found, from an liability to the Village for the costs incurred by the village for cleaning and /or removing such contaminants under such streets, roads, or alleyways.

4. Consider approval of resolution authorizing village president inform the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency that the Village finds that allowing any third party to remove any significant area of petroleum contaminant found under any municipally owned street, road or alleyway would be impractical pursuant 35 Ill. Adm. Code 742.920.



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