Chapter 16 – Garbage



16-1-1 MANDATORY FEE. The occupant of each residence located in the Village that is physically occupied shall be required to pay a mandatory fee for garbage pickup, except as otherwise noted herein.

16-1-2 FEES. The fees for the collection of garbage shall be set in such amounts as may be directed by the Village Board, and the bills for said fees shall be sent out at such times as may be directed by the Village Board.

16-1-3 FEE IS MANDATORY. All occupied residences in the Village shall be charged with the mandatory garbage pickup fee, whether or not they use said collection service, except as otherwise noted herein.

16-1-4 EXCEPTIONS. In the event that an occupant of a residence has lawful access to a garbage collection service provided to a business location, then the mandatory fee for residential garbage pickup shall not be assessed to that occupant, provided that the occupant furnishes proof of same to the Village Collector. Also an occupant may temporarily suspend his residential garbage collection, and thereby not be assessed the mandatory fee, if said occupant will be absent from the residence on a temporary basis for reasons such as, but not limited to, vacations or illness, provided that the occupant notifies the Village Collector of such absence and provided that such absence will be longer than one (1) month.

16-1-5 FAILURE TO PAY FEE. Should any occupant fail to pay the garbage pickup fee within thirty (30) days of being billed the same, the landowner, if different from the occupant, shall be responsible for the immediate payment of the garbage pickup fee upon notice from the Village. Until such time that the outstanding balance for garbage pickup is paid, the Village may refuse further collection of garbage at that residence until the required fees have been paid.

(Ord. No. 509; 01-10-02)

(See Section 1-1-20 for penalty)

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