November 18, 2015 Reconvened Minutes

Village of Louisville

Meeting Minutes
6:00 PM
November 18, 2015 RECONVENED MEETING
November 12, 2015 RECESSED MEETING

The Village Board of Trustee’s met in Regular Session, those in attendance were, President Dale Murbarger, Trustee Troy Fender, Trustee Danny Miller, Trustee Angie Frye and Trustee Nancy Byers. Also in attendance were Attorney Barry Bright, Superintendent Troy Elwood, Clerk Angela Stanfield,  Beth Fancher of Clay County Republican and Pat Garrett of WNOI. Trustee Steve Stortzum attended meeting electronically at 6:02 and Trustee Gina Rinehart arrived at 6:12.

President Murbarger called the meeting to order at 6:00 PM.

Roll Call taken and the following Village authorities announced present at the beginning of the November 18, 2015 reconvened meeting from the November 12, 2015 regular meeting: President Dale Murbarger, Trustee Danny Miller, Trustee Troy Fender, Trustee Angie Frye and Trustee Nancy Byers. Trustee Rinehart and Trustee Stortzum absent.

Trustee Stortzum made prior arrangements to attend the meeting by electronic means. A motion made by Trustee Byers and seconded by Trustee Miller to approve Trustee Stortzum to attend meeting by electronic means. Trustee Rinehart and Trustee Stortzum absent.

Roll Call

4 Ayes – 0 Nays – Motion Carried

Trustee Stortzum was present at 6:02 by electronic means.

Trustee Rinehart arrived at 6:12.

The purpose of the reconvened meeting was to discuss the proposed Property Tax Levy increase.

Village board discussed possible tax levy increase in light of possible tax levy freeze in 2016 and 2017. President Murbarger consulted with Ryan Hawkins of Kemper CPA regarding the need for the village to increase tax levy. President Murbarger stated the necessary increase was to replenish the IMRF Fund. President Murbarger suggested a twenty five percent increase at $29,000 for estimated total property taxes to be levied for 2015 will be $145,336. The total property taxes levied 2014 with a five percent increase were $116,269. The proposed twenty five percent increase requires a public hearing, the notice will be published in December 2, 2015 Clay County Republican paper. A motion was made by Trustee Fender and seconded by Trustee Miller to approve a proposed twenty five percent Property Tax Levy increase with an estimate of $145,336. The village attorney was directed to make the necessary preparations for the Truth in Taxation hearing to be held at 5:45 pm, just prior to the regular December board meeting and to prepare the tax levy ordinance as noted above to be presented for consideration and possible approval by the board of trustees at that December board meeting. Trustee Stortzum voting no.

Roll Call

5 Ayes – 1 Nays – Motion Carried

A motion to adjourn made by Trustee Miller and seconded by Trustee Fender at 6:30 PM.

Roll Call

6 Ayes – 0 Nays – Motion Carried  

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